VERSA® 745

VERSA® 745

Maximum precision with high dynamics for 5-sided and 5-axis machining

The new VERSA 745 convinces with outstanding features of the VERSA product family such as the extremely stable portal design, the rotary tilting table integrated along the X-axis, the machine’s optimal operator ergonomics and excellent visibility into the machining area. 
With the VERSA 745, workpieces up to Ø 500 mm can be precisely machined in 5 axes.


The cooled, torque-driven rotary tilting table is designed for quick 5-axis simultaneous milling, as well as for highly precise 5-axis machining with positioning. 


The grey cast iron base, thermo-symmetrical set-up and the fact that only 2 axes are used for cutting result in maximum rigidity and precision, as well as excellent dynamic accuracy. 


Highest productivity and precision around the clock 

The right side of the machine remains completely free for automation, thanks to a well-thought-out concept. Whether as a single-machine solution, automation for two machines or as a linear system - the VERSA 745 can be easily adapted to various automation concepts at any time, also as a retro-fit, and without operator restrictions.
In addition to pallet-based automation, we also offer robot-assisted parts handling as a customized turn-key solution. 


Latest technology and proven features

  • Travels X 500 mm, Y 650 mm, Z 420 mm 
  • Latest controls technology Heidenhain TNC 640 with 24" Touch-Screen (Extended Workspace)
  • 5-axis machining for workpieces up to Ø 500 mm 
  • Tool chain magazine for 42 tools (74 tools optional), rack magazine optional for up to 600 tools
  • Highest precision and dynamics
  • Optimal access to machining area and tools, even when automated
  • Front sliding door with wide opening, large opening on the side
  • Modular expansion possibilities
  • Excellent dynamic accuracy due to weight-optimized moving parts that are made of spheroidal cast iron
  • FEHLMANN MCM™ Milling Center Manager – simple and intuitive controls for machine and loading robot, complete flexibility starting with a lot size of one 


Feel free to contact us – we would be pleased to tell you more about this new machine.