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At FEHLMANN, our VERSA machines are becoming increasingly important. More than half of the company’s sales are generated by this machine range.

In 2008, the VERSA 825 celebrated its premiere, when it was presented to the trade public for the first time at the AMB Stuttgart. In the meantime, it has grown into a complete range of machines: in 2022 it was supplemented by the newest family member, the VERSA 745 and the 3-axis version, VERSA 743. After 15 years, it is now time to replace the 825. We are proud of the fact that our flagships, currently available in 3 sizes, are proving themselves with our customers on a daily basis. And they do so with the highest accuracy and performance requirements in the areas of milling, drilling and grinding. 

Get to know the new VERSA series and find out exciting facts and background information on various topics, such as modern specialist training, the innovative TNC7 control concept, customer experiences from the field, energy efficiency... 
You will find all of this and much more in this issue of FEHLMANN's customer magazine REPORT. 
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FEHLMANN REPORT 11 - 2020 - 90th Anniversary of Fehlmann AG

This year we are celebrating our 90th anniversary. 

The company «W. Fehlmann Mech. Werkstatt und Apparatebau » was founded in 1930 by Wilhelm Fehlmann in Seengen. In the beginning, contract work was carried out. Later on, the company designed and manufactured its own range of machines. 
Fehlmann AG is now an ultra-modern machine builder, with 200 employees world-wide. 

Find out more about the history and milestones of Fehlmann AG Maschinenfabrik in this new issue of the FEHLMANN customer magazine. Discover our current up-to-date high-tech product line-up, fascinating insights and new products, and read many other interesting articles.

We present you with the newest developments and technologies, starting on page 12. A particular highlight is the premiere VERSA 945, the biggest high-performance machining center in the VERSA product line-up, for workpieces with swing circles up to Ø 650 mm. 

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"Productivity comes first" – it is under the guise of this important topic that we present you with innovative machines, solutions and strategies:

Get excited about the features for precision metal cutting that the FEHLMANN high performance machining center VERSA 645 linear offers.

Are you planning a new automated system? Or would you like to expand your existing machine? Discover the possibilities and solutions that we offer.
In order to continuously keep the life span, reliability and effectiveness of your FEHLMANN machine at the highest possible level, we offer preventive maintenance service.

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In a time of rapid development and change, innovation, flexibility and quality are the drivers for successful and sustainable existence. We believe in Switzerland as a location for our business and are continuously investing in our manufacturing facilities in Seon.

For us this means the development of product innovations that provide you with added value and increase your economic efficiency. We are continuously investing in new production and environmental technologies in order to optimize our processes. This allows us to continue providing you with precision milling machines of the highest quality and reliability at fair prices.

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In this issue, discover the advantages of the new FEHLMANN PICOMAX 75 and how you can redefine precision machining with this model.

Are you aware that FEHLMANN can look back on almost 20 years' experience and expertise in the areas of automation and 5-axis technology?

We are pleased to present seven companies who are happy to describe their personal experiences and thoughts regarding our PICOMAX 56 TOP on pages 10 and 11.

In addition, our Manager of Customer Service answers important questions in regards to the competent, efficient and personal FEHLMANN customer service department.

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Read how Fehlmann AG won the Prodex Award with its newest machine, the PICOMAX 56 TOP. We are also pleased to present our new showroom in China to you.

Additionally, we provide you with information regarding our goals in the areas of operational safety, energy efficiency and CO2 emissions.

Read customer testimonials for our VERSA 823 /825.

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 Get acquainted with our 3 and 5-axis innovation – the PICOMAX 823 / 825 VERSA.

In addition, you can read about our plant expansion "north".

What are FEHLMANN's plans for the future? Information regarding this issue are also included.

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75 years of FEHLMANN – go on a journey into the past.

We also present our new technology center.

In addition, get acquainted with the newest member of the PICOMAX family - 3-axis machining center PICOMAX 95.

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In this issue we want to inform you not only about our traditional product characteristics "handiness and precision", but also about the aspects "flexibility" and "needs-oriented" milling and drilling training on high performance systems.

We are also pleased to present an automation solution with an Erowa robot for the PICOMAX 60-M.

You can read about our new training concept on pages 8/9.

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Highlights from 1998!

We are pleased to present our newest milling and drilling centre PICOMAX 60 to you.

In addition – touch or program – our PICOMAX 54 TOP combines exactly these features.

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This is the first issue of our new customer magazine REPORT:
Find out about major and minor news items from Fehlmann:

- Support at the international professional Olympics in St. Gallen 1997

- Clear concept and simple operation = PICOMAX

- New opportunities unfold with PICOMAX 82 HSC

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