CNC dividing and swivelling units

The FEHLMANN dividing and swivelling units are perfectly tuned to their use on PICOMAX machines.

High precision dividing units are developed and produced in-house at Fehlmann

Complete standard chucking materials available from Fehlmann:

  • 3 jaw chuck
  • Various collets
  • Tables
  • Tailstocks
  • Chucking devices for multi-face machining of cubic parts
  • Integrated Erowa, Mecatool and 3R quick-action chucks

Can be retrofitted to Fehlmann CNC machines

  • Specifications


    Type   AT 100 CNC AT 125 CNC ATS 160 CNC-SDK ATS 200 CNC
    Center height mm 100 125 160 200
    Weight kg 32 60 110 150

     Subject to technical modifications.