Environment and sustainability

Energy efficiency, resource conservation and CO2 emissions

Buzzwords which define mega-trends in communication policies today. As a company which is both rich in tradition and future-oriented, we have always been sticklers for quality and sustainability. For over 90 years, our guiding principle has been “quality“ and our main task has been the development of machines that meet current requirements for highest precision, ergonomics, handiness and reliability.

As a partner of the Blue Competence sustainability initiative and an ISO 14001 certified company, FEHLMANN strives to integrate sustainability into all aspects of the company. Our focus in this regard is on the entire life cycle of our machines, from their inception to their environmentally sound disposal. FEHLMANN already ensures minimal CO2 emissions during the production process, as energy consumption is also considered during product development. FEHLMANN also participates in the renowned Switzerland-wide EnAW (Energy Agency for Industry) model for energy optimization.

We always consider energy consumption
during the development of new machines. Consumption at peak loads, as well as permanent consumption during setup and retooling operations, are important parameters for us when selecting available technologies and drives.
FEHLMANN machines have long had an energy-recovery system, which ensures substantial savings in energy and operating costs, as standard equipment. For example, the machines can be completely switched off after processing the NC programs by means of a simple M function. Furthermore, for years we have offered functions with which the machine is automatically started up in the morning and an unsupervised warm-up of spindle and axes is enabled. After a program has been executed, the machine goes into sleep mode and restarts all systems automatically the next morning.

Conservation of resources and CO2 emissions
from the very start. The FEHLMANN office building was designed in an energy-saving manner: 
Optimum insulation, as well as the orientation of windows for best temperature control and light exposure, deliberate multi-level solutions that ensure land is used in the most cost-saving and economical manner – and much more. Not least, FEHLMANN‘s high degree of in-house production and central production site are important factors for environmental conservation, ensuring that transportation routes are reduced to a minimum. The list of measures would be long and shows: true energy, environmental and resource conservation does not only apply to the finished machine, but begins much earlier.