Second hand machines

Are you looking for a second hand conventional machine or a CNC machining center?

Depending upon availability, we offer showroom machines overhauled second hand machines from FEHLMANN, as well as various used machines from our own production facilities.

Your advantages at a glance - whether conventional or CNC machining center used :

  • Immediate availability of your production machine 
  • State of the art competence and experience of FEHLMANN products 
  • Attractive prices


Many PICOMAX and VERSA machines are in daily use today in various working areas. Their longevity, precision and operator convenience are highly appreciated. We offer fully and partially overhauled second hand machining centers and conventional machines. The cost-effectiveness of a complete overhaul depends on the general condition of the machine and the availability of electronic components. The feasibility of a complete overhaul is decided on for each machine by our specialists. For PICOMAX and VERSA machines overhauled by FEHLMANN, we provide 6 months warranty (material warranty) for spare parts and guarantee an availability of at least 5 years after delivery. In case a spare part is no longer available after 5 years, our competent After Sales Support looks forward to assisting you in finding a solution.

Machines from our production facilities

Machines replaced by new investments are offered for sale. These machines have been professionally used in our company in different working areas and were maintained by specialists. Some of the machines are still in use and we invite you for a demonstration.

Please find the complete range of used machining centers and conventional machines on our website:

Attention - Unfortunately, sometimes second-hand machine dealers produce service reports of unclear origin which falsely certify a 100% function check of the machine by a FEHLMANN technician. FEHLMANN refuses all warranty claims based on such 'function certificates’.

We would like to point out the fact that only a manufacturer’s quality inspection executed by and on the premises of FEHLMANN (works inspection) include such a function warranty. An additional, original badge engraved with the revision date is added to machines inspected on-site at FEHLMANN. Only machines carrying such a badge have been inspected and overhauled on-site at FEHLMANN. This badge guarantees that all functions were 100% checked, the quality was measured, the machine's accuracy confirmed, the machine was subjected to a complete pre-delivery check and the safety directives according to CE were adhered to.

In case of doubt, we urgently advise you to contact our sales or after-sales manager.