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FEHLMANN AG, a Swiss family-owned Company, was founded in 1930. We develop, produce and sell high-quality precision tooling machines. The product line-up ranges from manual milling and drilling machines to high performance machining centers with HSC/HPC machining technology.
A sustainable company policy and healthy growth are of utmost importance to us and we are committed to our production location in Switzerland. Our goal is to continually expand our international competitiveness through innovation and continuous improvement of our products and services.

As a company that exports its products around the world, FEHLMANN AG offers interesting, multifaceted jobs in a challenging, competitive technological environment.

Excellent employees are a central factor to success. Therefore, our most important asset is employees who identify with our values. When choosing our employees, we not only look at their qualifications, but also at a good balance between expertise and personality, between individual performance and team spirit.