The CNC machining center PICOMAX 56 in L version - even more flexible and versatile

Modernizing conventional machining


The TOP machine for manual and CNC operation with the innovative FEHLMANN operating concept: handy, fast and economical.

The machining center PICOMAX 56 L TOP (Touch Or ProgramTM) is equipped with an entirely new operating concept, combining both CNC controlled 3-axis machining, as well as manual operation, using a drilling lever and handwheels. 


Specifically designed to execute milling, drilling and threading tasks on single parts in a quick, reliable and efficient way without any time-consuming programming. After a very short initial training period, operators are able to efficiently operate the machining center PICOMAX 56 L TOP, even without previous programming knowledge. 

Machining center with larger clamping surface

The L Version has extended X travel of 800 mm, compared to the standard model, and a clamping surface of 1400 x 480 mm. Extra long workpieces can be machined in a single step without repositioning. More possibilities are available for 4-axis machining with a dividing unit. Thanks to the increased distance between the dividing unit and tail stock, longer workpieces can also be machined efficiently.

Even the basic model of this machining center (CNC) "made in Switzerland" offers the features of a modern, highly productive milling machine, such as: fully digital Heidenhain controls TNC 620, a Fehlmann cooled and high-torque motor spindle for universal milling up to 12'000 rpm, Z/S interpolated thread cutting, 3D milling, boring, etc.

Furthermore the PICOMAX 56 L TOP is upgradeable with various functional machine options, such as a FEHLMANN dividing unit for 4-axis operation, an automatic tool changer with 20 or 30 pockets and more.

  • Characteristics and Highlights

    Characteristics and Highlights

    • Can be used as a full CNC machining center or as a conventional "manual" machine. For economical milling and drilling of small batches and single parts, without time-consuming programming.
    • FEHLMANN TOP-functions, an entirely innovative operating concept, allowing the machine to be used both for CNC controlled 3-axis machining, as well as for manual operation - using drilling lever and handwheels
    • Extra-long workpieces can be machined in one single step, without re-positioning
    • Several fixtures can be mounted simultaneously on the 1400 x 480 mm clamping surface
    • 4-axis machining of extra-long workpieces
    • Efficient and economical machining of complex parts using the Heidenhain TNC 620 and the graphically supported cycles
    • Space-saving and clearly laid out, due to ergonomic and compact construction
  • Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    Manual operation 

    • Simple machining tasks are executed manually using handwheels!
    • Trained operators can operate the machine even without programming knowledge 

    TOP functions for manual operation

    • Rapid, simple and proven. Milling, drilling and thread cutting with TOP-functions 
    • Innovative operating concept, combining both 3-axis CNC machining as well as manual operation using a drilling lever and handwheels 
    • Please let our experts advise you! 

    CNC operation

    • Full CNC machining center
    • Modern and versatile CNC machining center with Heidenhain control TNC 620 multi-touch
    • Using the Heidenhain continuous path control and the graphically supported cycles, even complex parts are programmed easily and economically  

    Tool changer

    • The intelligent arrangement of operating elements allows a comfortable and rapid manual changing of tools 
    • Optionally the machining center is available with an automatic tool changer for 20 or 30 tools 

    Ergonomic and versatile

    • All operating elements are ergonomically located  
    • Large clamping surface cuts down on set-up times (several chucking options possible at the same time) 
    • Working area at an optimal operating height 
    • Perfect access to the working area 

    Machining efficiency

    • Cooled motor spindle offering up to 12'000 rpm 
    • Torque 60 Nm 
    • Milling and drilling in steel up to Ø 40mm 

    4-axis-CNC-machining center

    • Also available with CNC dividing unit 
    • The large table surface makes it suitable to work with a tailstock 

    Precision / Quality

    • Direct path measuring systems 
    • Quality assurance using state-of-the-art equipment  
    • In-house development, production and assembly at Fehlmann/Switzerland
  • Applications


    Machining of single party up to small lots

    • Precision parts manufacturing
    • Prototype manufacturing
    • Tool and jig manufacturing
    • Laboratories
    • Apprentice training

    Ideally suited for single part and small batch production in tool manufacturing and mould making, in test and prototype manufacturing, in laboratories, as well as in apprentice shops (machining center for introduction into CNC). Milling, drilling, boring and thread cutting can be executed with a minimum of programming and set-up work.

  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications

    Travel distances      
    X mm 800  
    Y mm 400  
    Z mm 400  
    Machining area      
    Clamping surface L x W mm 1400 x 480  
    Distance table to spindle nose mm 120 - 520  
    Work spindle      
    Speed / power S6 (40%ED) rpm 50 - 12,000 / 9.5 kw  
    Tool changer (optional)      
    Magazine pockets   20 or 30  
    Additional details      
    Controls Heidenhain TNC 620  
    Space requirement (W/D/H) m 2.5/ 1.9/ 2.5  
    Weight without tool changer kg 3750  
    Weight with tool changer (20 pockets) kg 4000  

    Subject to technical modifications.

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