VERSA® 745 / 743 Automation

Individual, safe and fast production control with the FEHLMANN MCM™

Automation, process reliability and cost-effective parts production play a key role in modern production. Manufacturing a wide variety of parts - individually or in small batches - economically is a daily challenge for many companies. What customer want is a machine for fast, accurate and reliable production — even in unattended operation. The versatile FEHLMANN machining centers with automated production management systems enable the production of high-precision parts with high reliability and speed. Full flexibility is guaranteed – starting from batch size one.   

The FEHLMANN Milling Center Manager (MCM™) controls and monitors machines and robots during unattended operation. System events are logged and, in the event of a malfunction, the MCM™ takes appropriate measures to ensure uninterrupted operation, such as notifying the operator by SMS / email or selecting other workpieces. FEHLMANN also offers timed maintenance prompts on the CNC screen.  

The proven FEHLMANN MCM™ software solution, which is constantly being developed, is based on open industry standards. Due to high operator comfort of the machine and MCM™, FEHLMANN solutions are perfectly suited for all series sizes and in tool and mould manufacturing. 

Increase the productivity of your production, we will find the optimum configuration for your application – please contact us.


  • The complete system from a single source

    The complete system from a single source

    • Systems are commissioned and tested with custom configurations here at our facility.  

    • The machine and MCM™ are designed and manufactured by us. We use standard robots for part handling. 

    • The many suggestions we have received from MCM™ customers and incorporated into the standard equipment have made our solutions so practical and easy to use.  

  • Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    The Fehlmann MCM™ controls and monitors the machine and robot. A clear job table with a Windows interface allows the operator to enter the machining sequence and zero points. During operation, the operator can adjust the sequence or individual parameters at the click of a mouse, so that flexibility is maintained even in automatic operation. The ease of operation of the machine and the MCM™ make the Fehlmann solution economically viable for both series production and small quantities. 

    The functions include tool breakage monitoring, NC program error detection, logging of machine events and automatic notification by e-mail or SMS. These functions enable unattended operation at night or at weekends. The open, Windows-based system platform also allows integration into the customer's network. 

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