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Working quickly and reliably with the Milling Center Manager from FEHLMANN

If an 8- or 16-hour shift per day is no longer sufficient... More and more frequently, 'time to market' has become one of the most important 'survival' criteria for today's tool room shops and parts producers. New products are developed and produced in short periods of time. With the help of the latest information technology of the FEHLMANN MCM™ (Milling Center Manager), parts can be loaded and unloaded quickly and reliably - in an operator friendly way. Apart from the high quality of the part, key factors are the unlimited availability, the accessibility of the system during day shifts, as well as the safety of the process during night shifts (unattended operation with little or no staff). The FEHLMANN MCM™ offers you valuable support - proven time and again - measuring up to today's automation requirements and based on today's industrial standards. As the MCM is an in-house development by FEHLMANN, you can put trust and safety in the support of the entire system in our hands.

Unlimited options: Discover the FEHLMANN MCM™!

  • The complete system from a single source

    The complete system from a single source

    • The systems are commissioned and tested with the customer-specific configuration here in our works.
    • We develop and produce the machine and MCM™. For parts handling, we use standard robots.
    • The practicality and ease of operation of our solutions is due in part to the numerous suggestions that we have received from MCM™ customers and were then able to integrate into the standard equipment.
  • Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    The Milling Center Management system - an in-house development by Fehlmann - controls both machine and robot. Machining order, zero points, etc. are entered in a simple and clear job table (Windows surface). Via mouse click, the operator can change the machining order or single parameters during system operation.
    Remaining flexible even in automatic mode: a part can be fitted in easily. Thanks to the high operator comfort of machine and MCM, the Fehlmann solution is not only suited for series production, but is already efficient when producing only a few parts.
    Tool breakage monitoring, NC program management, logging of system events and a phone alarm (optional) sent to a preselected mobile phone number via SMS are just a couple of functions allowing for unattended night or weekend shifts.

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