PICOMAX® 95

Milling of 5-axis small cubic parts as well as bulky 3-axis workpieces from hard-to-mill materials

Ideally suited for manufacturing of precision parts, machining of tough materials and milling of hardened tooling steel.


This machine copes with all kinds of tasks as a result of the optimized machine construction and the HSK-A63 motor spindle, which combine rigidity, torque and dynamism.

5-axis machining without foregoing the stability and precision of a 3-axis machine - all possible with the PICOMAX®95. This machine can be fitted with a fully controlled, integrated 4th or 5th axis at any time on the generous working table.  Good accessiblity and ergonomics consistently guarantee ease of access to all machine features. The compact , but also generous, tool changer of the PICOMAX®95 is equipped with a magazine of 48 or 80 tool pockets.
The freely configurable automation can also be retrofitted. The side entry allows accessibility to the machining area at all times.

  • Characteristics and Highlights

    Characteristics and Highlights

    • Travel: X 800mm, Y 500mm, Z 610mm
    • Large clamping area (length x width 1600 x 550 mm)
    • Fehlmann HSK-A63 motor spindle with active spindle coolant
    • Practice-orientated accessibility
    • Digital drive technology
    • Universal, versatile Heidenhain CNC-control
    • Perfect surfaces and high precision
    • Generous tool changer with chain magazine for up to 48 or 80 tool pockets
    • Fully integrated and controlled 4/5 axis can be added anytime
  • Detailed Information

    Detailed Information

    Massive machine base, gigh rigidity

    • The rigid machine base, the vertical column stand and the machine head consist of massive vibration-isolating cast iron.
    • Guideways, digital drives and motors have been fortified and revised to suit the requirements.

    Ergonomic and modular

    • The large door simultaneously opens the access to the machining area from the front and from the top.
    • Optimal ease of use due to the ergonomically arranged height of the working table and the multitude of FEHLMANN standards. 
    • Automation can be retrofitted at any time, loaded from the side.

    Universally applicable

    • Universal motor spindles suited for both conventional roughing and HSC-machining.
    • Large clamping surface cuts down set-up times.
    • 770mm table-to-spindle nose distance.
    • The Heidenhain control unit disposes of the necessary HSC characteristics and is well suited for workshop programming.
  • 5-Axis Machining

    5-Axis Machining

    Can be equpped for 4- or 5-axis machining

    • Each PICOMAX 95 can be equipped with an ATS 160 or an ATS 200 (automatic dividing/swivelling unit) featuring 160mm or 200mm centre height.
    • High machining stability through pneumo-hydraulic clamping.
    • Maximum precision due to the direct measuring system.
    • 4th and 5th axes fully integrated in the control, coordinates are automatically converted.
    • Different work chucking systems (Erowa, 3R, Mecatool etc) available; each PICOMAX60 / 90 and 95 can be upgraded with 4th and 5th axes
    • Lots of space next to the dividing and swivelling unit for vices and further chucking options


  • Parts Handling

    Parts Handling

    When the 8- or 16-hour shift per day no longer suffices... More and more frequently, 'time to market' is one of the most important 'survival' criterion for today's tool shops and parts producers. New products are developed and produced within extremely short time intervals. With the help of the latest information technology of the FEHLMANN MCM™ (Milling Center Manager), parts can be loaded and unloaded quickly and reliably - in an operator friendly way. Next to the high quality of the part, key factors are unlimited availability, accessibility of the system during day shifts, as well as the safety of the process during ghost shifts (unattended operation with no or little staff). The FEHLMANN MCM™ offers you valuable support - proven time and again - meeting today's automation requirements and based on open industry standards. As the MCM software is a FEHLMANN in-house development, you can trust us to perform the support on the entire system.

    Almost limitless possibilities - discover the FEHLMANN MCM™!


    Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    The Milling Centre Management system - an in-house development by Fehlmann - controls both machine and robot. Machining order, zero points, etc. are entered in a simple and clear job table (Windows surface). Via mouse click, the operator can change the machining order or single parameters during the system operation.
    Keeping up flexibility even in automatic mode: without any trouble, a part can be fitted in. Thanks to the high operator comfort of machine and MCM, the Fehlmann solution is not only suited for series production, but is already efficient when producing only a few parts.
    Tool breakage monitoring, NC program management, logging of system events, and a phone alarm (optional) via SMS sent to a preselected mobile phone number are just a couple of functions allowing for an unattended night or weekend shift.

    The complete system from a single source

    • The systems are commissioned and tested with the customer-specific configuration here in our works.
    • We develop and produce the machine and MCM™. For parts handling, we use standard robots.
    • With the systems shown above we offer proven solutions.
    • To a large extent, we owe the practicality of our solutions to the many MCM™ customer suggestions and ideas - many of which were adopted in the standard solution.
  • Options


    All options customized for todays machining needs are abailable:

    • High-pressure cooling system with through-the-spindle supply and chip conveyor.
    • Different tool and part measuring systems (probe systems, laser ...)
    • Integrated minimum-quantity lubrication for HSC machining


  • Applications


    Machining of high-precision workpieces

    • Precision parts in all materials
    • 5-axis machining of small cubic parts, mould & die making
    • HSC-machining of hardenend mould inserts
    • Mould plates in tool steel up to 800 x 500mm
  • Technical Specifications

    Technical Specifications

    Travel distances    
    X mm 800
    Y mm 500
    Z mm 610
    B degree -10° to 120°
    C degree 0° to 360°
    Machining area    
    Clamping surface L x W mm 1600 x 550
    Table to spindle nose distance mm 160 - 770
    Work spindle    
    Speed / output at S6 (40% ED) rpm 50 - 14,000 / 26.3 kw
        50 - 18,000 / 26.3 kw
        50 - 24'000 / 25 kw
    Tool changer no. of pockets 48/80
    Other data    
    Feedrate/rapid feed mm/min 1-30,000
    Control unit Heidenhain CNC continuous path control TNC 7 or TNC 640
    Installation space (W/D/H) m 3 / 2.2 / 3.1
    Weight kg 8600

    Subject to technical modifications.

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