VERSA® 645 linear

Highly dynamic 5 axis milling machining

Machining simple or complex precision parts — whether 5-axis with positioning or 5-axis simultaneous milling, the FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear masters any demanding complex task with flying colours — accurately and reliably.

The 5 axis milling machine FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear allows for machining workpieces highly dynamically in five axes and with maximum precision. Thanks to the intelligently designed drive concept compromises between precision and dynamic machining are a thing of the past: linear drives permit high acceleration and dynamics without compromising maximum precision.

The fact that only two axes on the tool side are used for cutting, results in high rigidity and precision and, thus, in an immaculate surface finish. The tilting rotary table is integrated into the machine concept in a longitudinal direction, thereby guaranteeing a swiveling area unaffected by the linear axes (no kinetic coupling effect). It also disposes of direct drives with cooled torque motors and high-accuracy angular measurement systems, which grant maximum dynamic precision even during simultaneous multi-axis machining.

  • Uncompromising Precision

    Uncompromising Precision

    The 5 axis milling machine FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear has been designed for maximum precision through and through. The cooled slide components, as well as the cooled machine structure, consistently prevent undesirable thermal growth. The X axis with the tilting rotary table is supported along the entire bed length for perfect stability.  The stable swivel bridge with counter-bearing also contributes to the high rigidity of the 5 axis milling machine FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear.

  • Features and Highlights

    Features and Highlights

    • Excellent accessibility and optimal visibility into the machining area. Manual part loading is done from the front. The door extends right into the machine roof, allowing for comfortable crane loading from the top.

    • The tool changer with chain magazine has a capacity for 50 tools in the basic version and can be upgraded to 86 tools. The optional rack magazine accommodates up to 400 additional tools scalable and can be installed easily and in a space-saving manner on the left side of the machine.

    • High rigidity with minimum thermal growth and optimal vibration damping due to the machine base made of gray cast iron, with three-point support system.

    • Perfect dynamic accuracy due to weight-optimized moving parts made of spheroidal cast iron.

    • Standardized or even customized automation with robot may be retrofitted at any time, as the right side of the machine remains accessible.

    • Can also easily be combined with a FEHLMANN VERSA 825 automation system at any time – due to an intelligent symmetrical concept, which leaves the right machine side accessible for automation.

    • Perfect operability from the front with ergonomical configuration of all operating elements.

    • Wide variety of pallet types up to individual customized solutions.
  • Parts Handling - automation without restrictions

    Parts Handling - automation without restrictions

    With its well-thought through and compact design, the 5 axis milling machine FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear may be automated at any time. As the automatic loading door is located on the right side of the machine, an automation system can be easily connected. The machining area is freely accessible from the front for setup work and process control, independently of the machine configuration. Depending on the number of pallets and the variety of parts, the system may be controlled and monitored by a pallet management integrated in the control unit, or via the flexible FEHLMANN MCM™ (Milling Center Manager). Thus, the FEHLMANN VERSA 645 linear may be adapted to a wide variety of automation concepts - even if you do not decide to retrofit your machine until later on.

    When the 8- or 16-hour shift per day no longer suffices... More and more frequently, 'time to market' is one of the most important 'survival' criterion for today's tool shops and parts producers. New products are developed and produced within extremely short time intervals. With the help of the latest information technology of the FEHLMANN MCM™ (Milling Center Manager), parts can be loaded and unloaded quickly and reliably - in an operator friendly way. In addition to the high quality of the part, key factors are unlimited availability, accessibility of the system during day shifts, as well as the safety of the process during ghost shifts (unattended operation with no or little staff). The FEHLMANN MCM™ offers you valuable support - proven time and again - meeting today's automation requirements and based on open industry standards. As the MCM software is a FEHLMANN in-house development, you can trust us to perform the support on the entire system.

    Almost limitless possibilities - discover the FEHLMANN MCM™!


    Fehlmann Milling Center Manager

    The Milling Center Management system - an in-house development by Fehlmann - controls both machine and robot. Machining order, zero points, etc. are entered in a simple and clear job table (Windows surface). Via mouse click, the operator can change the machining order or single parameters during the system operation.
    Keeping up flexibility even in automatic mode: without any trouble, a part can be fitted in. Thanks to the high operator comfort of machine and MCM, the Fehlmann solution is not only suited for series production, but is already efficient when producing only a few parts.
    Tool breakage monitoring, NC program management, logging of system events, and a phone alarm (optional) via SMS sent to a preselected mobile phone number are just a couple of functions allowing for an unattended night or weekend shift.

    The complete system from a single source

    • The systems are commissioned and tested with the customer-specific configuration here in our works.
    • We develop and produce the machine and MCM™. For parts handling, we use standard robots.
    • With the systems shown above we offer proven solutions.
    • To a large extent, we owe the practicality of our solutions to the many MCM™ customer suggestions and ideas - many of which were adopted in the standard solution.
  • Options


    Our machines are already equipped with all features required for high-accuracy machining.

    Miscellaneous options are available in addition, for example:

    • High-pressure cooling system with through-the-spindle supply and chip conveyor.
    • Different tool and part measuring systems (probe systems, laser ...)
    • Integrated minimum-quantity lubrication for HSC machining
    • Integrated zero-point clamping system and automation solutions
    • Milling and Grinding​​​​​​​
  • Technical specifications

    Technical specifications

    Travel distances    
    X mm 350
    Y mm 500
    Z mm 320
    A degrees 255° (+120° / -135°)
    C degrees 0° - 360°
    Machining area    
    max. workpiece 5-axis mm D 350 / H 330
    Distance table to spindle nose mm 100 - 420
    Speed / power at S6 (40% ED) rpm 50 - 30,000 / 13.7 kw
        50 - 42'000 / 16.9 kw
    Tool changer no. of pockets 50/86/160 up to 600, scalable
    Further data    
    Feed rate / Rapid feed mm/min 1-50'000
    Control Heidenhain CNC-control TNC 7 or TNC 640
    Dimensions (width/depth/height) m 1.99 / 2.46 / 2.90
    Weight kg 7'500

    Subject to technical modifications.

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