FEHLMANN showroom in Isernhagen by Hanover

Experience FEHLMANN technology live - now also in the Hanover area!

Showroom in northern Germany:

FEHLMANN precision milling machines in action – now you can also experience our machines live in Isernhagen by Hanover.

In March 2022, we opened our new showroom in northern Germany, at Eisernstrasse 17 in Isernhagen by Hanover, Germany.  

We currently have two of our precision milling machines on display – the PICOMAX 56 TOP and PICOMAX 21-M. These can be experienced hands-on during a live demonstration in an everyday setting. 

  • Obtain interesting and practical information about and insight into FEHLMANN machine technology and our philosophy
  • Experience and test our machines live 
  • Visit our technology center in Seon, Switzerland or our new showroom in Isernhagen, Germany   

Make an appointment with us now – mail@fehlman-nospam.com. We look forward to your visit!   



Switch between manual and CNC – easily and quickly at the push of a button

  • FEHLMANN TOP functions (Touch Or Program™)
  • Work manually with a drilling lever and handwheels, as well as in CNC mode with the advantages of a 3 to 4-axis CNC machine
  • Easy, efficient and quick to operate, even without programming experience
  • Heidenhain TNC 620 with multi-touch controls
  • Ideal for machining single parts and small series
  • Also perfect for training (introduction to CNC)


With motorized table – quick, safe and precise  

  • Ideal for training, as well as for machining single parts and small series
  • Bolt circles, dot patterns and rectangular pockets - manually and automatically
  • Digital display with touch screen