Milling and Grinding Center in One

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Versatile and economical – one machine for two processes.

With its VERSA 645 linear, Fehlmann AG is proud to have presented a new concept at the EMO 2019 - combining milling, hard milling and coordinate grinding into one machining center. This concept sets a new milestone in complete machining with only one clamping, as well as in efficiency.

The decision whether to use hard milling or coordinate grinding requires the evaluation of costs, machining time and precision. FEHLMANN solves this question with the new VERSA 645 linear with a coordinate grinding function:
Both processes are perfectly combined on one machine. You can decide case-by-case and with great flexibility how to achieve the desired surfaces most economically.


Advantages of combining hard milling and grinding:


  • Versatile and economical – one machine for two processes
  • Time-savings with one-time clamping of workpiece for milling and grinding. No more re-clamping necessary
  • Shorter machining times thanks to two processes on same machine
  • Multi-use of precision: make a one-time investment in high precision and benefit twice thanks to the combination of milling and grinding
  • Increased efficiency due to high process reliability
  • Parts can be precisely pre-milled before grinding, ensuring a perfectly pre-finished part. Elimination of varying offsets caused, for example, by warpage during hardening
  • Consistent excellent surface quality and contour accuracy: due to choice of most suitable machining strategy and automatic dressing of grinding tool
  • Simple programming: grinding functions such as pendulum stroke and dressing can be easily integrated into the program after milling



Please feel free to contact us – we would be pleased to provide you with more information about this new product.