Blue Competence – FEHLMANN supports sustainability initiative

Partner der Nachhaltikeitsinitiative des Maschinen- und Anlagenbaus "Blue Competence"

Sustainability has a long tradition at Fehlmann AG. We have been a partner of Blue Competence, the sustainability initiative of the German machine and plant engineering association (VDMA), since 2014.

Blue Competence defines resilient criteria and standards for the sustainability of companies. Companies looking for a partner with sustainable products and solutions are ensured, through Blue Competence, that they have found a suitable corporation to work with.

The Blue Competence sustainability criteria apply to all areas of a company, as well as to the entire life cycle of the products – from development to environmentally sound disposal.

The starting point is a management system that encompasses sustainability goals and is assigned to a company management member. In addition, environmentally responsible behavior is at the root of all major processes – beginning with sustainability guidelines for construction, continuing with product documentation  in regards to resource-conserving operation, on to customer training regarding energy efficient use of the products and ending with professional disposal.

The participating companies support each other in their Blue Competence endeavor by exchanging their experiences through quantified case studies.

In addition to Blue Competence, Fehlmann AG  has also implemented the following sustainability measures:
Our company’s building was designed with criteria for optimal insulation, as well as windows whose orientation was carefully planned so as to promote the best possible temperature control and natural light. We also opted for a multi-story building so as to make optimal use of our plot of land. Moreover, the fact that we produce a high proportion of our components right here at our own plant greatly helps to lighten our carbon footprint—as does the fact that we try to minimize our transportation routes as much as possible.

Our machines contribute to sustainability and efficiency with the following features:

  • Energy-optimized cooling is up to 25% more efficient, as cooling performance is set to actual demand.
  • Energy savings up to 30% thanks to coolant pumps that work at an optimized operating point.
  • Energy-saving menus that turn off equipment based on time and usage. Stand-by function after NC program – machine goes into stand-by mode or turns itself off completely once NC program is finished.
  • Short distances during set-up and resetting reduce standstill times, thus increasing efficiency.
  • Premium quality components – quality and energy usage are primary considerations when selecting components.

We would be happy to provide you with additional information. Please feel to contact us.


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