New PICOMAX® 21-M with feed table – rapid, reliable and precise.

PICOMAX 21-M - konventionelle Präzisions-Koordinatenbohr- und Fräsmaschine mit Vorschubtisch

Digital readout with touch screen enables simple, comfortable and intuitive operation.

The PICOMAX 21-M with feed table offers precision, efficiency and operating comfort.
Ideal for training purposes, as well as for the production of single pieces and small series.

Digital readout with comfortable, simple and intuitive touch screen operation. The integrated motorised table allows ultra-rapid and precise positioning not just manually, but also automatically, for bolt hole circles, dot patterns and rectangular pockets.

Due to the wide range of applications as well as a large range of tool holders and special accessories, the PICOMAX 21-M provides a complete, modern workplace for each workshop.



  • Milling, drilling, thread cutting, boring
  • Large clamping surface cuts down on set-up times (several chucking options at a time)
  • Versatile machine accessories, including sinus table and manual dividing attachments
  • Manually or automatically positioning



  • Simply, rapid and intuitive touch screen operation on digital readout
  • With lightning speed - the manual tool change system
  • Perfect work piece accessibility
  • Mechanical handwheels
  • A complete work space (integrated tool cabinet)
  • Reduction of non-productive times
  • Requires little space


Precision / Quality

  • Jig-boring machine precision, positioning tolerances below 0.01mm
  • Direct path measuring systems, scraped machine geometry
  • Quality assurance using state-of-the-art devices
  • In-house development, production and assembly at Fehlmann/Switzerland





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